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Here is what you will find on TheBloggingGuruji:

  • 90% Practical tips to create a blog & live your passion; the other 10% from personal experience and an overview of boss free Lifestyle.
  • Basic & advanced WordPress, SEO and Social Media & Marketing techniques.
  • Complete “How-To” of Inbound Marketing to increase traffics, sales and brand values.
  • Exclusive deals & discounts. ( You can able to avail the discounts on cool new tools ).

I bought the domain on December 14th, 2018 by borrowing a credit card from my office colleague because for registering a domain and hosting on GoDaddy required Credit Card which I don’t have. Asking for money from colleagues find awkward. Because of good relation, he made my payment from her Credit Card.

However, After Jio has launched the Cheap Prepaid Plans in India. More than 5 Million using the Jio Phone Or Networks which mean if you want to earn from online you have many chances to earn money from the virtual world.

TheBloggingGuruji will guide about the techniques from which you can earn money form Online. If also, you are not tech savvy then also you can earn.

About Man Behind The Blogging Guruji

Amit Choudhary About

Myself Amit Choudhary, and I have started this blog ( to help you achieve your Blogging Goals. I have completed my Graduation from Mumbai University in (IT) Stream in the year 2013.

One day, I am surfing on the Internet about Earn Money from Online, I found Shoutmeloud where Harsh Sir has written about Blogging and Ways to earn money from online. There, I came to know about blogging.

After that, I bought a domain and hosting with name in the year 2016. I started my blogging, but due to lack of time, I wouldn’t able to continue. After a year, My Domain and Hosting Membership got expires and couldn’t get renewed.

Now, I am doing full-time blogging for this blog. Everything I share here comes from my personal experience and what blogging have taught me until now.

Last but not least, Every article posted by me have two primary goals; the first is to maintain the quality and second is to keep it simple and easy to learn.

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